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Ford Fiesta ST (2012) the latest spy photos

Published: 18 May 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

Our spies in Germany have caught the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST, the Blue Oval’s new go-faster Fiesta hot hatch.

We understand the new Fiesta ST will harness Ford’s latest EcoBoost technology, as will all future fast Fords. That means a direct-injection, downsized but up-pumped turbocharged engine, most likely the new 1.6.

So how powerful is the Fiesta ST going to be?

Nobody’s sure yet, but the 1.6 EcoBoost develops 180bhp in maximum spec already, and that kind of output would place the Fiesta ST slap bang into warm to hot hatch territory.

Ford’s new pocket rocket will stick with front-wheel drive, but our new spy shots reveal a gaping front grille with fly-dicing grille, a deeper chin spoiler, front foglamps, twin tailpipes, a perforated rooftop spoiler and a prominent rear diffuser. The cage on this example will not be fitted to roadgoing cars.

The chassis will be given a thorough makeover. Discount those test-hack alloy wheels, but the low-profile rubber they wear will be available on the Fiesta ST, boosting grip and traction. The ride height is lowered, and Ford’s go-faster division led by Jost Capito are fettling damper and spring rates.

When will we see the new Ford Fiesta ST?

We expect to see the new Ford Fiesta ST trailed as a concept car at Frankfurt 2011, but a production version is likely later in 2012. The first fast Ford will be the Focus ST launching in spring 2012, and the Fiesta follows after.

Following the One Ford mantra, the Fiesta ST will be a world car, on sale in territories as diverse as the UK and the USA.

Still no news on a Fiesta RS?

At present, the ST is slated to be the fastest Fiesta. The company did produce a Fiesta RS concept car, but the business case was shakier than a blancmange on an ice-breaker.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words