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Ford's Mondeo dies in 2022 - successor could be hybrid SUV for US

Published: 25 March 2021 Updated: 25 March 2021

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Ford has confirmed that the current-generation Mondeo will be phased out in 2022, when production stops at the brand’s Valencia plant.

Tellingly, for one of the first Fords conceived as a world car, the Mondeo has been overtaken by changing global trends which have prioritised a taller ride height, SUV style and lower emissions as selling points. That led to Ford discontinuing all its saloons in North America, with the Fusion (as the Mondeo was called there) going out of production in 2020.   

But what comes next? While it may not be for European markets (as Ford focuses on the Puma, Kuga and Explorer SUVs), something that’s designed as a replacement for the Fusion in the US could be a crossover-like model like our illustration above. The likes of the S-Max and Galaxy MPVs will continue to be produced at Valencia for Europe, as the brand announced hybrid options in early 2021.

New 2022 Ford: what can we expect?

Ford is looking to capitalise further on the SUV trend. Out goes the saloon-cum-hatchback bodystyle as the Mondeo replacement morphs into a mid-rise crossover estate. The Ford grille will remain, with some design inspiration from the new Mach-E and the Explorer that’s now available in mainland Europe.

The Mondeo replacement is expected to be based on the Blue Oval’s latest worldwide CD4 platform. Although Ford has newer platforms enabling rear- or all-wheel-drive hybrids like the latest Explorer, Dearborn is expected to keep the front- and all-wheel-drive architecture used by the current Mondeo (below) and S-Max, and the latest Lincoln models in the US. 

The outgoing Ford Mondeo became available as a hybrid - but soon it'll be a crossover, too

The CD4 architecture allows a plug-in hybrid powertrain like the CVT-equipped Ford Kuga PHEV that’s already on sale. We understand that the crossover will not, however, become a full electric vehicle (EV). Instead, Ford will use its new relationship with VW to utilise the MEB platform for a dedicated range of electric cars under development.

Expect a 2.5-litre petrol hybrid powertrain, an output of up to 222bhp, front-wheel drive and an aluminium and steel monocoque construction.

When will we see the Mondeo successor?

Sooner than you might imagine. We’re expecting to see the new crossover in late 2021, with sales starting soon after.

Ford’s latest infotainment, Sync 4, arrived on the Mustang Mach-E. The Mondeo will use it, too, but is expected to have a more conventional widescreen display. Expect a clean cockpit, as Ford aims to step up its interior quality and design.

‘Look back; the person who was driving a Mondeo 20 years ago, they’re probably driving a Kuga today,’ said Stuart Rowley, president at Ford of Europe. ‘We’re expanding our portfolio of utility vehicles – the shift is dramatic. When we talk about our reset, and driving gross margins, we’re investing in the segments that are growing.’

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By Jake Groves

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