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Infiniti G saloon (2013) – the new spy shots

Published: 09 October 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

These are our first spy shots of the next Infiniti G saloon. The current car may well have completely passed you by due to its strange yet innocuous looks, and only being available with a 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine.

The next Infiniti G will be altogether more relevant to UK buyers though, with the long-awaited arrival of four-cylinder power to the Infiniti range, and a diesel option that will punt the next version of the saloon straight into BMW 3-series and Audi A4 territory. It’ll be seen for the first time at the Detroit motor show in January 2013, with a European version getting its full debut at the Geneva show in March.

Infiniti G saloon – the spy shots

These photographs show a disguised Infiniti G testing in Germany, as Nissan’s premium arm readies its small exec contender for an assault on the European establishment.

Despite the dazzle camouflage, we can spot the usual Infiniti cues of tall bonnet edges, angular headlights and a large kinked grille at the front. The bulging rear haunches, slimmed rear light clusters and twin exhausts lend the new G the look of its more expensive 5-series-sized brother, the M35h, which CAR magazine ran as a world record-breaking long-termer earlier this year.

Infiniti G saloon and beyond – the future products

In 2013, a new downsized family of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will enter the Infiniti range, with the new G saloon being the first beneficiary. The powerplants will be shared with premium rivals Mercedes as part of the Daimler/Nissan/Renault alliance, and that’s not the only bit of Merc-sharing that Infiniti will utilise in the near future.

Coming along in 2015 is a production version of the Etherea concept, which will be based on Daimler’s MFA architecture, which already underpins the new Mercedes A-class. Expect Infiniti’s long-awaited (and much-needed) 1-series fighter to also use the four-cylinder engine brood.

Next up, in 2014, we’ll see Ininiti’s first dabble with electric cars. Parent brand Nissan have taken the first step to mass-market EVs with the Leaf family hatchback, but expect Infiniti to go after the executive market with their battery-powered contender, as previewed by the LE concept. 

We were impressed with the range our M35h hybrid long-termer could rack up just on electric power, so it’ll be interesting to see how Infiniti put all that know-how to use on their own EV. Infiniti are coy over whether such a car would be sold in the UK however.

Finally, it’ll be 2016 before the wraps are pulled off a new EX crossover model. Until then, the current car will have to solider on with V6 power only; the model is deemed to be too old to engineer it for the new four-cylinder engines. That car can at least be currently specced as a diesel V6, instead of the 315bhp petrol version, making it slightly more appealing to European tastes.