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Jaguar X-type (2008) updated

Published: 06 June 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

Are we in for a new X-type, then?

Not quite. The X-type is due a bit of a tidy-up in time for the 2008 model year. CAR Online’s spies snapped the refreshed Jaguar during high-speed testing, and although the pictures aren’t crystal clear, there’s no doubt that the X-type is sporting a revised front bumper. Our sources say that the X-type is in line for a few minor cosmetic upgrades in time for the 2008 model year and it’s about time, too. The X-type hasn’t had a whiff of an upgrade since 2005 when Jaguar introduced the 2.2-litre diesel engine to the range.

So what’s new for the X-type?

Aside from the new nose there may be some light revisions to the rear bumper. Our sources also hinted that a new-look interior is the order of the day for the Jag. However, the X-type may be in for more than just a few external tweaks. Expect a new version of Jaguar’s 2.2-litre diesel unit mated to an automatic gearbox – a first for the X-type. Very little is confirmed about the new X-type, but expect it to appear at the end of the year sporting the new engine and gearbox.