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New Jaguar XJ (2010) scooped – plus video with Ian Callum

Published: 02 June 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

New Jaguar XJ 2010UPDATE: Click here for the official pictures and live stream video of the new Jaguar XJ (2010)


CAR Magazine today reveals how the new Jaguar XJ (2010) will look. Codenamed X351, the new XJ will be unveiled on 9 July 2009 – but we’ve compiled these exclusive new artist’s impressions to bare the finished look weeks ahead of the formal launch.

The disguise has continued to peel off Jag’s new limo in the past few weeks. The last big development was when our spies captured the XJ masquerading as a BMW with the Bavarians’ swirly-whirly black-and-white psychedelic disguise. Those shots revealed enough about the newcomer to inform these most accurate renderings yet.  

Jaguar XJ: what it will look like

Very, very like our artist’s impressions, we hear. It’s a ‘fresh break for Jaguar,’ according to design chief Ian Callum. Hear him talk about the new XJ in our video below; scroll to the foot of the page to see the video.

The XF set a new stylistic benchmark for Jaguar and the XJ will now reinterpret that. The headlamps – at last! – are more likely to follow the sharper look set by the C-XF concept car and there’s innovation aplenty: a full glass roof will be available and there’s an especially unusual rear D-pillar treatment, with Mini-style wraparound glazing to create a more fastback profile.

Jaguar has issued one single teaser photo: the direct overhead shot of the XJ, which confirms the glazing option and the rear glazing treatment.

The engineering story of the new Jaguar XJ

The new XJ again makes heavy use of aluminium in its structure. This will make it the lightest car in its class at sub-1700kg, CAR understands, with the resultant gains to performance, handling and economy. Indeed, in new diesel spec, the XJ is set to boast the lowest CO2 of any limo – including the Lexus LS600h hybrid car.

Engines will, at launch, be conventional petrol and diesel units. In the longer run, Jaguar is part of a UK project to develop hybrid powerplants of its own, alongside sister company Land Rover. Expect the following engines to power the rear wheels:

• 3.0-litre V6 petrol, 235bhp
• 5.0-litre V8 petrol 380bhp
• 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol, 503bhp
• 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel in 237bhp and 271bhp spec

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The new Jaguar XJ will be launched in short- and long-wheelbase guise. All those engines are lifted from the recently revised XF and XK ranges, so the petrol V8s gain direct injection and the diesel V6 swells from 2.7 to 3.0 to provide better power and torque balanced with improved CO2 and mpg.

Despite the introduction of a supercharged V8, don’t expect an XJR variant. The emphasis will be on refined luxury – not a hardcore car to rival AMG Mercs or S-series Audis. Expect a clever rear diff to be packaged into the updated aluminium architecture, however.

Inside the new Jaguar XJ (2010)

Expect a big leap forwards inside the XJ’s cabin. Where today’s car is traditional inside and out, the new model will build on the cool interior of the XF. That means mood lighting, a more modern use of leather, wood and metal, plus the latest JaguarDrive pop-up gear selector and rotating air vents.

But one of the big steps forwards will be the adoption of the Jaguar Land Rover group’s new state-of-the-art infotainment systems. The new facelifted Range Rover afforded our first glimpse at the capabilities of the digital network:

Split-screen monitor, so driver can view sat-nav while passengers watch a movie
High-tech TFT digital displays instead of analogue instruments
Dials can reconfigure for different modes (sat-nav, night vision etc)
Bigger sat-nav and MP3 capability
Improved electrical reliability

CAR will report live from the event on 9 July 2009. Stay tuned for the full story on the new Jaguar XJ!

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