What's after the Huracan? Lamborghini's hybrid successor goes testing

Published: 28 September 2023

► Next-gen Lambo supercar goes PHEV
► V8 is the brand’s own creation
► Will use Revuelto structure, too

Lamborghini’s electrification continues. After the Sian and the Revuelto, there’ll be an all-new hybrid supercar to replace the Huracan launching in 2024. You’re looking at the replacement to the Lamborghini Huracan, snapped here for the second time in prototype from while testing. It’s a while off yet, and is expected to appear next year.

Hybrid V8 supercar

It looks a bit like the Revuelto… 

Lamborghini engineers have been pretty heavy with the camouflage, but it’s still possible to mark out a few key features of the new car. The design is every bit as angular as you’d expect from Sant’Agata’s designers, and the car also displays similar design touches to the Revuelto: just look at the those sharp headlights, air intakes and centrally mounted exhausts at the rear. 

Hybrid V8 supercar

Any other specs?

The Italian brand is embracing plug-in hybrid power for its performance cars with conviction, but isn’t about to let go of combustion power just yet. While the as-yet-unnamed Huracan replacement ditches the iconic V10 that’s been used by both Lamborghini and Audi for its own specifically-designed V8.

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Hybrid V8 supercar

That V8 will be mated to a battery pack and electric motors, which means it can pass toughening emissions regulations. But don’t think it’s just for going greener; like the Revuelto, the e-motors will be designed to supplement power and reduce lag.

The Huracan’s plug-in hybrid replacement will also use the same lightweight and strong ‘monofuselage’ (above) that first debuted in the Revuelto. However, in order to save costs, more of the structure will be made of aluminium, rather than the predominantly carbonfibre version in the Revuelto.

Lamborghini’s electric plans explained

And that’s not all. After the Revuelto and Huracan’s replacement comes Lamborghini’s first electric car – the much-mooted ‘fourth model line’.  While unconfirmed, CAR’s intel suggests it will be a battery-electric crossover to sit alongside the Urus, so Lambo can take further advantage of the market that sells.

By Georg Kacher

European editor, secrets uncoverer, futurist, first man behind any wheel