Facelift Urus snapped testing: Lambo's SUV gets a redesign

Published: 03 February 2021

► Tweaked Urus snapped 
► Like the Cayenne, facelift focuses on front and rear
► Powertrain options remain unknown

Our spy photographers have snapped pictures of an updated Lamborghini Urus, just days after catching a similarly disguised Porsche Cayenne. It’s seemingly facelift time at the VW Group. 

Like the Cayenne, the Urus is covered in camo, with the disguise ramping up around the front and rear of the super-SUV. Still, it’s not enough to disguise a redesigned grille that appears to be different – but no less complicated – than the current iteration. Featuring the same intricate detail as the current car, the updated grille looks more like an ‘A’.

It’s also worth ignoring the strip of lights on the bonnet. They’re likely temporary, and probably solely for use on the poorly-lit, snowy roads this car is being tested on.

At the rear, the camo seems to hide a redesigned apron with revised venting and little else altered; unlike the Cayenne facelift, the prototype Urus doesn’t have any alterations around the lights. 

Anything else?

It’s possible Lamborghini plans to stick with the twin-turbo V8 in the current Urus – after all, 650bhp and 0-62mph in less than four seconds isn’t bad for a SUV north of two tonnes.

However, ongoing efforts to electrify key models across the VW Group suggest this might change. It’s also important to remember that hybrid cars are already being built at Sant’Agata; the Sian hypercar makes use of a hybrid powertrain to achieve its mind-bending performance.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast