A tiny facelift for Range Rover’s biggest model in 2017

Published: 05 February 2016

► Subtle update applied to Range Rover
► New front fascia for 2017 model year
► Honeycombe grille, squared-up vents

Land Rover is readying a minor – very minor – facelift for the Range Rover, spotted racking up a few frosty test miles ahead of a scheduled range [sic] update in 2017.

Erm… what’s changed?

A closer look at the grille reveals a move away from the current three-bar, Discovery Sport-type arrangement to a multi-strip honecombe arrangement. Below that, there’s an ever so slightly rejigged front bumper treatment. See the foot of this story for a before-and-after comparo pic.

No visible changes at the rear, and no word on engine updates; an autumn 2014 upgrade added power, torque and mpg to the Range Rover’s powerplants. Maybe there’ll be another tweak or two for 2017.

We imagine the test engineers on board are feeling fairly smug. There can’t be many better suited vehicles for winter testing. Mind you, they’re probably not having as much fun as the Lamborghini Huracan crew we spotted last week…

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By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer