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Published: 22 September 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

This has been one long gestation. The new Lexus LF-A has been teasing us at motor shows around the globe since 2005’s Detroit expo, but the wait is nearly over. The LF-A supercar will be shown at the 2009 Tokyo motor show and our spies have caught the best glimpse yet of the new V10 Lexus.

These scoop photos were taken at the Nurburgring as Lexus engineers fettle the front-engined coupé before it goes on sale in 2010. Our man with the long lens reports that the 4.8-litre V10 sounds epic as it soars in on the 9000rpm redline.

So what’s new on the Lexus LF-A?

The design of the LF-A has been upgraded from the concept’s: the headlights hiding behind the light frontal disguise will be less scalpelled and air vents now punctuate the bonnet.

In place of the concept’s bullet-cam door mirrors come a pair of conventional mirrors, while the front grille is changed, with extra cooling vents built into the valance. Cooling the big V10 is clearly a big issue. The triangular triple exhausts remain.

A Lexus supercar… fast and quiet, or rorty and naughty?

Very much the latter, we hear. CAR’s Ben Barry drove the LF-A at Goodwood this summer and came away mightily impressed. ‘We’ve just driven one of the most intriguing and exciting cars of 2010,’ he raved.

The LF-A will top 200mph, in excess of 500bhp and 400lb ft ensuring that the 60mph benchmark is dispatched in less than four seconds.

And it follows the classic big coupé format. The engine is amounted far back in the front engine bay, the wheels are suspended by double wishbones and a multi-link rear axle, steering is by rack and pinion, and the brakes are carbon ceramic to wipe off the mphs. The transmission will be a six-speed automated manual, operated by paddles.

When can I buy a Lexus LF-A then?

Only one stumbling block remains. Lexus plans to build very few LF-As – just 500 globally, and the price will reflect that exclusivity. We’ve previously been tipping a £200k tag but we now hear it will be significantly higher than that.

Yes, the LF-A is likely to cost in excess of £300,000. Blame the carbon and aluminium construction. It’ll be an epic car, but you’ll need deep pockets to join the club.

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if they launched a roadster version (à la SLR) in a few years’ time to recoup more of the development costs.


By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words