Lotus Type 133: the all-electric sports saloon due in 2023

Published: 16 June 2022

New 2023 Lotus Type 133 scooped
► Latest on plans for new EV saloon
► An E-segment four-door coupe

The pace of change at Lotus is hotting up – and the latest July 2022 issue of CAR magazine spills the latest on next year’s new Lotus Type 133 electric saloon.

Our artist’s impression by Andrei Avarvarii gives our best stab at what the four-door coupe will look like. Our design sources suggest it’ll build on the look of the new Eletre electric SUV and Emira coupe, with a raked look wrapped around a high-riding stance caused by the substantial battery packs beneath.

Lotus Type 133: why build an electric saloon next?

While the Eletre SUV tackles the luxury SUV establishment, Lotus needs something to take on the Taycan. The as-yet-unnamed ‘Type 133’, earmarked as an ‘E-segment four-door coupe’, is just the car. Like the Porsche, Lotus is planning on making rear- and all-wheel-drive versions when it launches in 2023.

Lotus is evolving into a pure EV brand fast, with the Emira its last combustion-engined car. In 2024, another SUV smaller than the Eletre will arrive to boost revenues as part of Lotus’s new range of ‘lifestyle’ EVs. An EV sports car is planned for 2025. And Alpine will take advantage of the Lotus sportster for its next-gen A110.

The tech lowdown

There is much we don’t yet know about the Type 133. But our sources suggest the Lotus four-door will share Hethel’s new electric car architecture, whose battery swells to a capacious 120kWh for a long range.

With twin electric motors, the most powerful Lotus Type 133 models will likely boast around 870bhp for aggressive performance.

Will it be lightweight? Not in the traditional Lotus guise. But engineers are working with an aluminium monocoque to try and counter the weight inherent in all electric cars.

Watch Chris Chilton’s video walkaround of the Eletre SUV below.

By Phil McNamara

Editor-in-chief of CAR magazine