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EQA AMG spied: Mercedes already testing hot version of EV sedan

Published: 22 January 2024 Updated: 22 January 2024

► Another electric EQ car
► Should slot at the bottom of the Mercedes EQ range in size
► AMG version already on the way.

CAR recently revealed pictures of Mercedes new EQA sedan cold weather testing, and now we can reveal pictures of a hotter, AMG prototype being put through its paces. These new pictures – taken by our determined spy photographers – show an Affalterbach-spec EQA, confirming that there are be many more electric AMGs in the pipeline.

Mercedes AMG EQA - side

What do we know? 

As you’d expect, the car shown here is heavily disguised – but there are a few obvious features we can make out. The most obvious feature comes at the rear; that’s not a huge ducktail on the boot, but camouflage which is most likely hiding a huge rear spoiler – and probably one with active aero. 

In addition, it’s also possible to see wider bodywork and more aggressive looking front and rear bumpers – par for the course on AMG models. What’s more, the larger wheels and brakes are also an obvious giveaway – it’s difficult to disguise those. 

Mercedes AMG EQA - rear

Anything else? 

Power-wise, it’s reasonable to expect a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive set up with a significant power increase over the most potent stock model. CAR understands something around 500bhp should be possible in the upcoming AMG EQA.

The EQA sedan should be revealed later this year, so expect an official launch of the AMG version in 2025. You can read more about the standard car below. 

Mercedes AMG EQA - rear angle

What you need to know about the standard EQA

This the EQA sedan, the electric version of the Mercedes Concept CLA shown at the Munich motor show last year, and the EV counterpart to the new, forthcoming CLA. Snapped by our spy photographers winter testing, the new EV looks largely like the next ICE-powered CLA – and for good reason. CAR understands the EQA will be named differently, just to fit in with the rest of Mercedes’ electric EQ range. 

EQA side

It looks like the Mercedes Concept Concept CLA Class? 

It does, because it’s essentially just an electric version of the next CLA. Despite the fetching snakeskin camouflage, it’s still possible to make out details that hark directly back to the concept we saw in Munich: the prototype pictured here features the same ‘Angry Birds’ monobrow headlight signature, while at the rear the lights are equally ornate – and even feature a miniature three-pointed star. Love it or hate it, Mercedes’ bold luxury brand-focused design language is here to stay.

EQA rear

It’s possible to see more bodywork too; and it appears the EQA will have lots in common with the already released EQE. 

What else do we know?

It’ll run on Mercedes’ MMA platform (Mercedes Modular Architecture) which can accept both ICE and EV powertrains. It’s likely this will be the last platform from Mercedes that’ll have that feature.

EQA front

We’ll update this article when we know more.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes