Mercedes E-class Coupe (2009) scooped

Published: 03 November 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Mercedes is rushing its new E-class Coupe through final testing before the car’s global debut at the Geneva motor show in ealry 2009. Codenamed C206, the Coupe will replace the CLK when it arrives in the UK next June wearing a £32,000 price tag.

Drawing heavily from the Concept Fascination showcar – the acclaimed work of Mercedes’ new design director Gordon Wagener – the Coupe will feature the concept car’s rectangular quad-lamp arrangement, bold grille punctuated by the Mercedes tri-star, creased bonnet and heavily shouldered rear wheelarches. Make no mistake, the new Coupe will possess far more visual presence than the current oddly-proportioned effort.

Is the new Mercedes E-class Coupe an E-class saloon underneath?

Sitting on a combination of E and C-class architecture (the current car is more C-Class, hence its cramped rear accommodation) the C206 will borrow engines and transmissions from the new E-class. That means a choice of four, six and eight cylinder direct-injection petrol and single- and twin-turbo diesels, hooked up to either six-speed manual or seven-cog automatic transmissions. Less powerful engines aimed at business users are likely to get the manual transmissions to lower their CO2 tax burden.

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So what can I find under the bonnet?

Expect the full engine line-up to eventually feature the following…

• E200K, 184bhp
• E280, 231bhp
• E350, 300bhp
• E450, 354bhp
• E550, 428bhp
• E250 CDI, 201bhp
• E320 CDI, 252bhp

And of course, AMG will unleash a 481bhp 6.2-litre V8 by the end of 2009, followed by a lightweight 525bhp Black Series monster.

As well as some trick seating technology for easy access to the rear seats, the Coupe will get a bespoke dashboard to further differentiate it from its more conservative four-door cousin.

It will, however, share the cutting edge technology from the E-class, so expect equipment levels to extend to night vision, auto-dipping headlamps and an advanced intelligent driver observation system that monitors driver actions for signs of weariness and fatigue.

And at the end of 2009, the E-class convertible will arrive, complete with heated fabric roof for the ultimate in winter warmth.

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By Ben Whitworth

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