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Mercedes S-class coupe (2013) spy shots of the new ‘CL’ two-door

Published: 31 July 2013 Updated: 26 January 2015

This is the new Mercedes S-class coupe. Can’t remember the old S-class coupe? That’s because it was badged ‘CL-class’, a moniker Mercedes is consigning to the bin in favour of a simplified saloon/coupe line-up.

Insiders confirm the car is on track for an unveiling at the 2014 Geneva motor show. The two-door, four-seater S-class coupe will offer the same suite of technological, comfort and safety innovations we’re familiar with from the S-class saloon – plus it kicks off a massive expansion of the S-class nameplate.

What’s beneath this Mercedes S-class coupe’s disguise?

Look closely and you’ll see the two swooping styling creases that have been taken from the S-class saloon – a new Mercedes trademark set to invade the entire range over the coming years. LED-equipped front and rear light units will be reshaped from the saloon for a sleeker, sportier look, and there’s a Mercedes three-pointed star front and centre in the main grille.

The arcing roofline and blistered rear wheelarches pump up the S-class coupe’s visual aggression, and as with previous CL models, there’s no central B-pillar to corrupt the lines.

What’s under the (massive) bonnet of the 2014 Mercedes S-class coupe?

It’s though the new S-class coupe will shun four-cylinder hybrid and V6 power in favour of a purely V8 and V12 petrol line-up, in line with its flagship Mercedes status – and £100,000 starting price. The S500’s V8 will muster 435bhp, and the S600’s V12 a massive 544bhp.

Surely there’s no need for AMG versions, in that case?

Not so. Power freaks will be able to choose between an S63 AMG coupe and the ultimate S65 AMG. S63 coupes will use the saloon’s potent twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8, good for 577bhp. For the ultimate bragging rights, look to the pumping out 630bhp from its twin-turbo V12 – that makes the S65 coupe more powerful than the £230,000 SLS AMG Black Series.

Prices for the AMG coupes will range from around £120,000 to £165,000, pitching the high-performance S-class two-door into battle against the Aston Martin DB9 and Vanquish, Bentley Continental GT, and Maserati’s future GranTurismo replacement.

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You said something about a massive expansion of the S-class range?

Unlike the saloon, the S-class coupe won’t be offered in varying wheelbase lengths, but that’s not to say Mercedes won’t squeeze a few more niches out of the sporty template. On the drawing board is a two-door soft-top S-class convertible, preview by the Ocean Drive concept way back in 2006 (pictured, right).

Another pipeline plan is to upscale the CLS template to S-class proportions, creating a limousine-sized four-door coupe. Mercedes bosses are yet to green-light the proposal – we’re talking about a mainly chauffeur-driven car with compromised rear headroom, after all – but if approved it’ll share engines, running gear and technology systems with the rest of the (massive) S-class family.