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Nissan GT-R Spec M (2011) spy pics and video

Published: 05 August 2010 Updated: 26 January 2015

The ‘gentleMan’s spec’, or Spec M, Nissan GT-R has been the focal point of speculative internet rumour since the original car was launched three years ago. Now we’ve scooped the new GT-R Spec M that’s UK-bound –  and we’ve got spy video of the comfier GT-R in our player below.

This lightly disguised prototype was spotted testing at its second home, the Nurburgring in Germany. As clearly shown in our spy photos and video, the GT-R Spec M is not too dissimilar from the current GT-R: the devil, most definitely, is in the detail.

So what’s all this about a new, more luxurious Nissan GT-R Spec M?

Essentially a softer riding and comfier version of the GT-R, the Spec M brings extensive leather, plusher interior fittings and reams of extra kit. However the car sticks with the handcrafted VR38DETT V6 engine and running gear as the ‘regular’ GT-R, so the ballistic performance will remain – albeit slightly blunted by the extra weight.

The Spec M will sport different style and size alloy wheels to the GT-R. Accompanying these will be the addition of a new grille, revised headlights and a new front bumper design. Round the back, a new diffuser layout and bumper complete the exterior makeover.

The Spec M and subtly revised 2011 GT-R are both expected to make their debut at the 2010 Paris motor show this autumn and we expect a significant price hike across every GT-R in the range.

Why the price rise? Because the car has been a runaway success (Nissan’s sold 1500 here since UK launch in April 2009, and you’ll have to rush to buy one of the remaining few dozen cars left of the current stock). The new GT-R rolls into British showrooms in the first half of 2011.