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Peugeot's new seven-seater MPV scooped

Published: 23 March 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

Not content with one compact seven-seater, Peugeot is to launch a second. Bosses say it will be in UK showrooms before the end of the year.

A heavily disguised prototype of the new MPV has already been seen cold-weather testing ahead of its debut. That’s expected to be at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009, but our spy photos give the best look yet at the new MPV.

The French firm’s line-up already features the 308SW that offers space for seven. But as it’s a C-segment estate car, room in the rear two chairs is only really suitable for children.

So it’s Peugeot’s Zafira, then?

Company insiders say the newcomer – which will be built on the latest 308 platform – is much more of a Vauxhall Zafira rival. That means improved space for occupants and luggage, but also a more versatile and practical interior with numerous folding seat options.

A Peugeot spokesman was keen to point out it will definitely not be a seven-seat version of the 3008. The compact SUV crossover was launched earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show. ‘The 3008 will only ever be for five,’ he said. ‘This new model will sell alongside it as flexible family transport. Like the 3008 it’s for people who want more than a traditional saloon or estate, but the styling is more MPV than SUV.’

And the name of Peugeot’s new MPV?

He added that news of the people carrier had sparked a debate at Peugeot UK about what badge the car would wear. ‘Our “thousand and…” name written with a double-zero is traditionally used on our derivative models, but that has already gone on the 3008. At this stage we don’t know what it will be called,’ he explained. They’ll be poring over the alphabet soup with this one…

It will actually be Peugeot’s third seven-seater, as the full-sized 807 people carrier still sells in limited numbers, mainly to taxi and chauffeur operators.

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