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Spotted: Manthey Racing turns the 911 GT3 RS up to twelve

Published: 03 April 2024 Updated: 03 April 2024

► Manthey Racing takes on the 911 GT3 RS
► Spotted doing track work
► Expect more downforce, suspension and brakes upgrades

A new 992 means a new 911 GT3 RS – but that also means we get one of these, an all-new GT3 RS MR. The MR is short for Manthey Racing, a key customer racing team over in Germany – and one so successful that Porsche bought a 51% share in it. 

911 GT3 RS spotted front

What am I looking at? 

Well, if the GT3 RS is the 911 turned up to eleven, then the GT3 RS MR is essentially the GT3 turned up to twelve. The rear spoiler is even bigger than before, but there’s also a large shark fin where the rear window would usually be, most likely for stability at higher speeds. 

At the rear of the roof, you’ll see downforce-inducing vortex generators and a more extreme rear diffuser to suck the extreme 911 even closer to the floor.  

911 GT3 RS spotted rear

Anything else? 

The MR traditionally has aero, brakes and suspension work with the engine untouched, and it’s likely this GT3 RS will get the same treatment. Still, that’ll be enough for a strong performance upgrade – on track at least.

How do I get one? 

Manthey Racing creates the kit, but its new Porsche ownership means it can also be fitted by dealers without ruining the warranty. Expect to pay a hefty amount for all the extra performance, though. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes