Electric Porsche Boxster: new pictures of near-production sports EV

Published: 09 October 2023

► New electric Porsche Boxster spied
► Latest on next 718 Cayman/Boxster EVs
► Sports cars confirmed for 2025

Stuttgart is preparing to bolster its electric car range with an all-electric version of the Boxster and Cayman, and this is our best look at the former yet. Porsche’s junior sportscar has been snapped by our spy photographers inside and out, and for the first time we can reveal how the interior is shaping up. 

Boxster EV front

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the forthcoming Boxster and Cayman’s EV.

What’s new?

Boxster EV

We’ve seen the new Porsche Boxster in the wild before, but these new exterior pictures shed more light on what it’ll look like on the outside. Just like Porsche’s Turbo GT Taycan and then Porsche Macan – which we’ve also snapped testing – the next Boxster and Cayman will use pill-shaped headlights similar to those introduced on the Taycan EV, albeit slightly tweaked for their new junior sports car setting.

Boxster EV rear lights

The rear of the new Boxster EV looks to continues Stuttgart’s move towards full-width LED lights too. Porsche clearly looks to introduce a slightly tweaked styling language across its electric range.

Anything else?

Charging plug for new electric Porsche sports car

We also already know it’ll use centrally mounted flap to house its Type 2 plug too, making it easier to use chargers on the left or right-hand side.

And inside?

These pictures also reveal a good look at the Boxster’s interior for the first time – and it looks to be significantly more advanced than the current car. Although unfinished, it’s clear to see the new Boxster will use a sophisticated dual-screen setup just like the Taycan. 

The battery stats are also visible, with the prototype model 50% charged with a range of 125km left. Of course, there are lots of variables at this stage of development and especially in testing conditions, so it’s impossible to guess what the electric Boxster’s range could be. 

Porsche engineers are busy putting the sports cars through their paces in harsh winter conditions, as they grapple with low temperatures affecting battery performance, durability in cold climes and handling prowess in all weathers.

CEO Oliver Blume announced that the electric sports cars will be revealed ‘by the middle of the decade’ at the brand’s 2023 annual press conference. He also announced that the electric 718 Boxster and Cayman twins will ‘run in parallel’ to petrol versions.

Engineers are testing the EV powertrain underpinning the next generation of thrillseekers in northern Sweden. Our paparazzo reported that some of these spy pictures were taken in -23C, tough conditions for any electric car.

Although still heavily disguised, it’s possible to make out the traditional sports car silhouette of these hard-working prototypes. We expect the mid-engined look and format to continue, despite the clean-sheet possibilities of its electric architecture – suggesting that Porsche isn’t about to abandon its heartland just yet.

New 2025 electric Porsche Boxster: what to expect

Strip away the camouflage and you’ll find striking details linking the new e-Boxster to its all-electric Taycan and next Macan siblings. Items like light graphics, the absence of an exhaust pipe and, of course, silent propulsion all give the game away.

New 2024 Porsche electric sports car

Our artist’s have already depicted what the electric Cayman could look like, based on a new EV architecture, which is likely to offer a mix of rear- or all-wheel drive depending on whether buyers choose a single or dual-motor option.

CAR’s sources suggest that twin-motor electric Boxsters will boast up to 400bhp, although Porsche will be keen to keep some clear water between its junior sports cars and its evergreen 911.

The company has already shown the Mission R concept car to showcase what a compact electric sports car could look like, albeit it in track form. Explaining the mid-engined look, it packaged the batteries behind the two seats ahead of the rear axle in what Porsche calls E-Core – to allow for a low-slung seating position rather than a tip-toe stance common on many EVs.

Electric Porsche sports cars: the origins

We’ve been following this story for years and it’s been a long gestation. Back in the early throes of Covid lockdown, CAR magazine spoke to the R&D bosses about the project. Dr Michael Steiner said in March 2020: ‘We are running several electrified Boxsters to gain expertise and knowledge to see how an electric car performs as a two-door.

Note how trad sports car proportions continue on 2025 electric Boxster

‘The acoustic sound doesn’t really play that huge a role with a GT like the Taycan and adding weight is ok,’ he added. ‘But the additional weight for a sports car, we are not satisfied with today. This is one of the reasons why our next electric car will be a small SUV not a two-door sports car.’

That’s the new 2023 Macan, the second EV to hail from Porsche.

Porsche Taycan electric car review

Porsche R&D chief Michael Steiner with a petrol-powered 911

Steiner (above) said that improved battery technology was needed for an electric Porsche sports car. ‘If there was a breakthrough in battery technology, something like solid-state batteries – this direction would trigger a two-door sports car fully electrified. But I do not see in the first half of this decade a good chance of a breakthrough in battery technology.

‘We will see step-by-step incremental benefit with lithium-ion batteries. We predict a 2-3% improvement year-by-year in lithium-ion battery improvement. I am still not happy with the weight, though.’

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What will happen to today’s Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman?

The current, mostly four-cylinder 718 twins will have to soldier on until mid-decade in their current forms. Expect special editions and tweaks to keep the Boxster and Cayman selling until the advent of their electric successors.

Designs on the new Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster successor

Porsche and Rimac: how future sports cars will be developed

Porsche’s investment in Rimac is a big deal for its future electrified cars.

While the start-up has had little to do with the Taycan, the first project to come from Stuttgart’s Croatian venture will be the electric Macan then further development with the small sports car project.

The petrol flat-four boxer engined 718 Cayman and Boxster will give way to an all-electric version around 2023

Will the 911 also go electric?

Porsche execs understand that the time may come for a fully-electric 911, but they don’t want to go messing with a 60-year old icon just yet. Expect hybridisation options, but the job of pioneering a fully electric Porsche sports car will fall to the 718 successor.

Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of Porsche AG, said: ‘In the sports car segment we have to think about the pure electric car. With the 911 it will be a bit difficult, but for the 718 I think it could be a very good step for the future, on a completely new platform we can then discuss to share with other brands.’

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By Tim Pollard

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