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Porsche 911 GT3 – the new 991 GT3 for 2013

Published: 30 April 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Porsche is already working on its new 991-generation 911 GT3 and this artist’s impression gives a flavour for what’s in store for the fastest, most focused 911 yet.

The new 991 GT3 is expected to be shown in 2013.

Porsche 911 GT3: what do we know about the 991-spec GT3?

Many of the deals are sketchy, but we’re beginning to pick up more details on Porsche’s 911 masterplan. CAR’s European editor Georg Kacher has previously reported on all the future 991 derivatives – click here for our earlier scoop.

What is clear from everybody we speak to is that the 991 GT3 will stay true to Porsche’s racing roots; this is the version that many enthusiasts hold as the purest 911.

Weight-saving will be rampant, with many of the 911’s more luxury-oriented gizmos binned in the name of a lighter kerbweight to boost performance and handling. Did you know you can even get massaging seats in the new 991? Not in the GT3…

What engine will we get in the new 2013 Porsche 911 GT3?

The new GT3 will stick with a high-revving normally aspirated flat six, but not the outgoing Metzger engine we saw put to such devastating use in the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 swansong. It’s reputed to put out 450ps, or 444bhp – up 50 ponies from a regular 911 Carrera S – and will use that car’s 3.8 as the base for Porsche’s motorsport division to work its magic.

American website Inside Line reports that Porsche is likely to choose a single transmission for the GT3 – and it could be a PDK twin-clutch auto ‘box, rather than a manual.

The 911 project boss August Achleitner said the GT3 team was testing both manual and PDK transmissions, but that a single gearbox – probably the PDK, would get the go-ahead, as only one in three 911 sales are for stick shifts.

‘When we launched the 911 Turbo S, we did not offer a manual, but we have not had a single complaint,’ said Achleitner.

When will we see the new GT3?

Expect to see the new Porsche GT3 at a motor show in 2013. Sceptics of 911s may be fearing for yet more market saturation and nth degree points of separation, but at least one of CAR’s road testers was seen rubbing his hands in anticipation…