Porsche 911 Turbo (2013) undisguised spy shots of 991 Turbo

Published: 02 April 2013

These spy shots expose the look of Porsche's 911 Turbo in full for the first time. There's the usual mix of aerodynamic tweaks on show, but don't be fooled by the low-key restyle: there will be more power under that rear deck, and new tech shared with the non-turbocharged 911 GT3.

Porsche 911 Turbo: what to expect from the fastest 991 yet

Up front, the new 911 Turbo is distinguished by reshaped front air intakes and a wider splitter. the production car will also share it-s four-dot LED headlight clusters with the new 991 GT3. Like the 997 Turbo S, lightweight centre-lock wheels are fitted, and carbon-ceramic brakes (Porsche's yellow callipers are the giveaway) are present. It's not yet clear if ceramics will replace steel discs as standard equipment.

The wing mirrors (now mounted on the doors panels rather than the corner of the A-pillar as with the entire 991 range) are of a new, more aerodynamic design. And of course, Turbos get monster intakes in the rear arches. The bodyshell itself is the wider Carrera 4 style, allowing the fitment of a larger rear track and fat rear rubber.

Quad exhausts and extra vents mark out the Turbo from behind, along with the new bi-plane rear wing. If you're thinking the aerofoil looks a bit half-baked compared to the new GT3's racecar-style spoiler, don't forget the 911 Turbo uses active aerodynamics. The spoiler will rise higher into the airstream at around 75mph for extra high-speed stability. You'll spot the panel gap where the wing splits just above the centre brakelight strip.

Under the skin, the new 911 Turbo will borrow tech from the 911 GT3: it'll have rear-wheel steering, a PDK paddleshift transmission only, and electric power steering. The standard car's engine will will pack around 520bhp, while the uprated Turbo S model will boast 560bhp, taking the fight directly to the 542bhp Nissan GT-R tech-fest. As before, the 911 Turbo will be all-wheel drive, and will boast a 0-62mph time of close to three seconds.