Opel Ampera-e plugs away at testing before 2017 launch

Published: 06 July 2016

► European version of Chevy Bolt
► All-electric practical hatchback
► On sale 2017, specific markets TBC

This isn’t a Chevy Bolt. Not quite, anyway – it’s the new Opel Ampera-e, the European-spec version of GM’s new all-electric hatchback. CAR’s spies have spotted it testing in Germany.

Hasn’t there been a car called the Opel Ampera before?

Indeed there has, and it was on sale in the UK between 2012 and 2015 – read CAR’s original review here.

It had a 1.4-litre petrol engine, although it was used primarily to maintain the battery’s charge rather than drive the car’s wheels. Electric-only range was around 40 miles, and around another 310 miles in ‘E-REV’ mode.

The new Ampera-e, however, is a pure electric vehicle – there’s no generator on board this time.

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So what’s new with the Ampera-e, apart from the extra letter, and the lack of an engine?

It’s a five-door, five-seater with a smaller footprint than the original saloon-style Ampera. It’s now more of a high-roofed city car/mini MPV in shape, and will be a more practical car as a result. The flat battery pack is mounted beneath the interior floor, and the car’s been packaged with maximum interior and luggage space in mind.

A single electric motor drives the front wheels, and adjustable regenerative braking helps the battery recuperate some charge on the move. The Chevrolet Bolt claims a 200-mile range in optimum conditions, and 0-60mph in around 7sec.

Opel promises the Ampera-e will major on affordable pricing when it goes on sale in 2017, with the company’s ‘OnStar’ on-board Wi-Fi and emergency assistance services standard.

Will there be a Vauxhall version on sale in the UK?

That’s yet to be confirmed officially. While the Opel Ampera-e will definitely launch in Europe, but the markets in which it will be sold are still being determined. That’s the official line, anyway.

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By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer