Vauxhall Astra three-door (2011) spy video

Published: 07 July 2010

Our spies are back in action, recording this mysterious Astra three-door lapping the Nurburgring before returning to Vauxhall’s garages.  

Don’t we know all about this?

CAR recently snapped another three-door Astra lapping the famous circuit, showing off the strongly arched roof line and its lowered stance, but this caught us a bit unaware.

Whereas the previous mule seemed to be the standard hatch, this one has two large Audi-esque exhausts poking out the back. We initially thought that it might be a tester for a potential VXR model, but it lacks the necessary beefy bodykit and spoilers. Answers on a postcard…

Expect both three-door and the estate versions to be unveiled at the Paris show in the Autumn but the cars won’t be in showrooms until late 2011, blame GM’s bankruptcy.

And the VXR?

Even if this is indeed a very early VXR enigne mule, don’t expect it to hit the showrooms for at least another two years. But with the last model pumping out 237 bhp through the front tyres, expect it to be a scorcher.