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GM's new small soft-roader scooped on test

Published: 14 September 2016 Updated: 16 September 2016

► Two new X-badged crossover Vauxhalls
► Small and mid-sized SUVs straddle Mokka X
► Both due to be revealed in 2017 

Vauxhall is preparing two new crossovers for launch in 2017, which are designed to sit either side of the recently facelifted Mokka X.

CAR understands they will be roughly Corsa– and Astra-sized, and both will wear the X badging of the new Mokka; it’s the new linguistic shorthand for all of GM Europe’s soft-roaders.

Our spies caught the larger of the two newcomers on test in Europe. See more spyshots in our gallery above.

Vauxhall’s new Astra-sized C crossover

Some pundits have suggested this prototype is a French test mule – but don’t forget Vauxhall/Opel are in bed with Peugeot Citroen on certain car projects.

It's the new Vauxhall/Opel mid-sized SUV caught on test

Word is the larger of the GM crossovers is being co-developed with the new Peugeot 3008, explaining the shared parentage and French-style disguise.

Why GM is ploughing headfirst into more SUVs

No prizes for guessing why. It’s the same story as with other manufacturers: crossovers continue to sell like gateaux chauds

The Mokka X’s small crossover class accounted for less than 1% of the market in 2010 – today that figure has sky-rocketed to 7.5% in 2015.

Take a look at more spyshots

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