Ever wondered how they test winter tyres in summer?

Published: 10 October 2011

Our man with the long lens at the Nurburgring got more than he bargained for recently. During the recent blazing hot Indian summer, he spied a car covered in snow.

After a double-take and a quick pinch, he rattled off a few photos of the snow-covered BMW 1-series as it trundled past in the late summer sun.

Artificial snow? At the Nurburgring? In summer?

Turns out said snowy 1-series was a test hack for tyre manufacturer Fulda, according to our photographer.

‘Seems they were testing winter tyres in their lab – and the car was covered in artificial snow,’ said our man with a Ringside seat.

Testing winter tyres in summer

We guess the tyre manufacturers have to test their winter rubber all year around – and they don’t always fly to Scandinavian snowy climes to do the tests. Perhaps Fulda has an indoor ski slope or lab near the Nordschleife.

It’s just a shame they don’t cover the entire Nurburgring in artificial snow in the summer. We’re sure there must be a few snow machines and piste bashers lying dormant in the Alps at this time of year!

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet