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This is where we publish YOUR spyshots. Send us your cameraphone pics when you stumble upon future prototypes. We'll always get back in touch before we use them, so email us your scoop pics here!

  • Honda hybrid spied by Benjy007

    30 November 2007 by Benjy007

    Honda hybrid spied by a reader

    "Saw this prototype in America, not sure what it is though. Somebody told me it was hybrid..." Spoted: 4.34 km from Valley View Trailer Park, United States

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  • BMW M3 saloon spied by Yo-yo7

    30 November 2007 by Yo-yo7

    BMW M3 saloon spied by a reader

    "New M3 saloon at the Ring. I'm intrigued that the saloon will adopt some of the coupe look!" Location  0.67 km from Nurburgring, Germany

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  • BMW X5 spied by Keith Dear

    30 November 2007 by Keith Dear

    BMW X6 spied by a reader

    "Is this the new X5 or the X6? You will notice that the grille over the front and the indentations around the number plate differ from today's X5... Also causing suspicion was the absence of markings...

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  • Ford Kuga prototype spied by Karwai Tang

    18 October 2007 by Karwai Tang

    Ford Kuga prototype spied by a reader

    "Just thought I'd send these pictures I took with my phone, is there a new Ford Focus C-MAX coming out, am sure the normal C-MAX's don't ride so high and the wheel arches are huge! Maybe a mule for...

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