Honda’s camouflaged Civic (2011) drives through London

Published: 12 June 2011

CAR reader Doug caught photos of a camouflage-wrapped Hond Civic driving through central London. Much like walking into a room and yelling DON’T LOOK AT ME!, the Civic managed to slip entirely noticed through the middle of the UK capital.

Doug spotted the car in Trafalgar Square, but couldn’t quite guess the identity: ‘I was in Trafalgar Square when this car passed me. I couldn’t make out any details from where I was standing, but it’s shaped in the mould of a Priusy/hybrid type car – but seemed shorter.’ Shots from other passing observers (there tend to be a few camera-toting passers-by in central London for some reason) confirmed it was a Civic.

The new Civic that appeared earlier in 2011 was a revised model for the US and other markets. But we’ve yet to see the upcoming European Civic, which shares more in common with the Honda Jazz, Insight and CR-Z than its rest-of-world namesake. We expect the revised European Civic hatchback to make an appearance later this year, around the time of the 2011 Frankfurt motor show.

>>Looking forward to an updated Euro Civic, or does a luridly-wrapped Civic passing through central London barely raise a ‘meh’ in response? Let us know in the comments section:


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By Mark Hamilton