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Jaguar XF trio spotted by Peter Stanforth

Published: 30 November 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

“I was on route 120 (above Yosemite, close to Tioga Pass) when these 3 pulled in to take photographs. However as soon as they saw me take more interest in them than the scenery they left in a hurry. 2 were right hand drive the third was left hand drive. Obviously 4 door sport sedans. With a mix of fake front ends. Does the VX in the British front license plate suggest they are Vauxhall/Opel? They had USA Nevada tags on the back as they pulled away. They were careful not to rev the engines so difficult to guess what kind of engine but dual exhaust pipes sounded promising. Peter Stanforth Car Subscriber for 20+ years, currently living in Florida”

Location  6.35 km from Yosemite, United States