Merc E-class (2009) saloon reader spyshots

Published: 09 January 2009

CAR Online regular Kubrick has come up with a last-minute Merc E-class scoop. Last minute because Mercedes has chosen this weekend to unveil the new exec saloon, on the eve of the Detroit auto show.

Kubrick snapped this E-class on the roads in Germany. Although still pretty heavily disguised, it's plain to see the gently chiseled redesign that is set to inject a bit of S-class and some of Daimler's new design tips previewed on concept cars such as the the Fascination. The headlamps are new twin, vaguely rectangular affairs, but there's no mistaking this for anything other than Merc's mid-sized exec.

'It's not as if these photos are the scoop of the century (or even of the month), but they prove that the leaked photos from a few weeks ago are genuine – and that we're in for the treat of getting the GLK's unique rear wheel arch on a sedan,' he says.

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet