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The A1 is Ingolstadt's answer to hometown rival BMW's Mini. It shares much of its hardware with other superminis within the group including, most obviously, the VW Polo. For more information on the Audi A1, click on our further stories on the links below.

Audi A1 reviews

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60sec road test

This is a classic platform-share car. You could have much of the engineering in a cheaper VW Polo - or for even less, a Seat Ibiza or Skoda Fabia. But to pursue such arguments is to miss the point. People lust after the Audi mini precisely because of that badge, and the associated quality that comes with it. And that means it's beautifully built, transferring the Audi ethic to this smaller B-segment size - you can choose between three- and five-door A1 Sportback shapes - and with the usual attendant quality details inside too. The cabin is a mini-me A3's, give or take the odd cheaper surface here and there. The boot's not massive, but then this is a supermini, remember. And if you get the chance to consider the four-wheel drive S1 Quattro, we challenge you not to have a giggle in this 230bhp pocket rocket.

The one we'd buy

1.6 TDI or, if you can afford it, the S1

The one we'd avoid like the plague

2.0 TDI

Rivals to consider

Mini, Vauxhall Adam


Smart looks, slick drive, usual classy Audi cabin


You pay for the privilege of an Audi badge

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Audi A1 reviews

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