Jake Groves

Jake Groves is CAR’s Deputy News Editor, and has been part of the CAR team since April 2017. Jake also edits the front section of CAR’s monthly magazine, planning how new cars, big industry stories and exclusive scoops can be crafted into the print pages of CAR.

Jake knew from being a teenager that he wanted to write about cars and the automotive industry, so went to university to study journalism and created his own car magazine from scratch while in his final year. He then cut his teeth working for Dennis Publishing’s automotive titles Carbuyer and Auto Express; time at the former taught him how to drive a website content system like he stole it, and the latter refined his news writing skills.

At CAR, it’s his job to know what’s happening at all times in the automotive industry, react to breaking news stories and direct CAR’s team as to how to approach news content both in print and online. He interviews industry executives to either get the scoop or help flesh out a story happening in the automotive world around us, attends press conferences and events to get the story from on the ground and investigates the latest technologies being developed for and by the car industry. On top of that, he’s written countless drive reviews for CAR – both in print and online – as well as on our companion site, Parkers.

Like Curtis, Jake is a big gamer. As well as hammering racing games, Jake spends a lot of his time on role-playing games and gets his real geek on with simulation games like city builders on the PC. When he’s not in the digital universe, he’s usually seen building the latest Lego kit – even if his house is rapidly running out of space to fit them all.

On social media, Jake’s Instagram profile is filled with all of the cars he’s been lucky enough to drive over the years, and you can follow him on Twitter. Read Jake’s latest articles below.

Jake Groves