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The five cheapest new cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Published: 29 October 2020 Updated: 29 October 2020

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Thanks to increasing R&D budgets and a need to attract ever younger consumers, car interiors are improving all the time. Connectivity and infotainment tech are now both high on the priority list for consumers, and car brands alike. The only issue? A lot of the cutting-edge tech talked about only exists on more expensive, flagship models; the rest of the range has to make do with decidedly more basic equipment. And that’s exactly where Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come in. 

Designed by Google and Apple, both products connect your existing smartphone to your car, and promise an overall more joined-up, experience. They allow you to play music and podcasts, make calls, receive messages and even get directions – just like most standard built-in infotainment systems – but the whole process is more familiar and therefore more intuitive.

What’s more, it’s also possible to use your favourite navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze in your car – just as you would when walking around.  Real-time traffic updates, suggested diversions and speed camera alerts are all available. And nlike traditional in-car sat-nav systems, the maps are also updated automatically and frequently, so that new local bypass will appear on your directions as if by magic.

What else do you need for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are simple plug-and-play solutions. Some use Bluetooth to connect your phone wirelessly, while others may need a USB cable to plug in. Both options make it straightforward to connect your phone to your car.

Below are five of the cheapest cars that come fitted with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto straight from the factory.

It’s also worth noting the MG 3. It’s available with Apple CarPlay from £12,195 – but not Android Auto.

The cheapest cars with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Dacia Sandero Comfort – £9,945

Dacia Sandero

The Sandero is the cheapest new car in the UK. But to get the all important Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility you’ll need to sidestep entry-level Access and choose the Comfort model.

In Comfort trim, the Sandero hatchback comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen media system, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and cruise control.

It’s based on the old-model-Clio, so it’s not the last word in comfort or dynamism, but it can still be fun. The entry-level 0.9-litre triple has 89bhp – which makes this petrol engine feel sprightly compared with the old 75bhp four-banger.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Comfort – £11,145

Dacia Sandero Stepway

We’re not being pedantic here. The Stepway is more than a trim level, it’s a different car, which is why we’ve included it on the list.

How is it different to a regular Sandero? Bulked up wheelarches, roof rails, and chunky alloy wheel designs. Plus the interior fabrics are slightly different.

Just like the regular Sandero, you’ll need to up the trim level to comfort to get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

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Toyota Aygo x-play – £12,440

Toyota Aygo

Feeling quite old now – and not as big as the Dacias above it. But, if you’re in the market for a city car, your choices are looking pretty slim in 2020.

The Aygo does come with a cast-iron five-year warranty – which goes to show how confident the company is in manufacturing ability. Speaking of which, the Aygo is made in Czech Republic with the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 further down this list.

Even the most basic x-play models get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

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Peugeot 108 Active – £12,785

Peugeot 108

If you like the Toyota Aygo above, but can’t get on with that x-marks-the-spot front end, the Peugeot 108 could be just the ticket.

It features a curvier design, but retains the same 7.0-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The fuel-sipping 72bhp 1.0-litre petrol (same as you’ll find in the Aygo above and C1 below) is your only engine choice here.

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Citroen C1 Feel – £12,795

Citroen C1

And predictably the Citroen C1 makes an appearance on this list. It’s the smallest car Citroen makes and yes, it’s identical to the Aygo and 108 further up this list.

Its major selling points are being cheap to run, its tiny dimensions, and of course, its Apple CarPlay/Android Auto tech.

Peugeot/Citroen/Toyota all have different finance offers, while leasing prices for all three can change monthly. So if you’re not bothered on the styling, go for whichever is cheapest.

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