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Audi A1 1.4 TFSI (2010) first picture

Published: 22 September 2010 Updated: 26 January 2015

This new Audi A1 might have a long and convoluted name – it’s the A1 1.4 TFSI (136 kW) – but it’s not an Audi S1 by another name. While everyone has been expecting a hot version of the A1 to be unveiled at next week’s Paris motor show (and this is it), it’s not dubbed S1 because there’s an even hotter version of the A1 still to come. Meanwhile, this first tuned and tweaked version of the A1 uses the same engine as the VW Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia vRS and Seat Ibiza Cupra.

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So the Audi A1 is effectively a VW Polo, so this (deep breath) A1 1.4 TFSI (136 kW) is a VW Polo GTI?

Almost, but not quite. A minor tweak to the supercharged and turbocharged 1.4-litre engine has lifted power above the 176bhp of the Polo GTI (and Fabia vRS and Ibiza Cupra) – there’s now a massively different 182bhp. The torque output remains unchanged at 184lb ft, and the fuel economy (47.9mpg) and CO2 figures (139g/km) are the same as the Polo GTI. And the 6.9sec 0-62mph time is the same, as is the sole transmission option, a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox driving the front wheels.

What will make this A1 stand out is the cost – a Polo GTI is £18,275, so you won’t get much change out of the expected near-£20k price. But you do get 17-inch wheels, an S-line body kit and air-con as standard, along with the best build quality of any supermini currently on sale. The Audi A1 1.4 TFSI (136 kW) will be unveiled at the 2010 Paris motor show next week.

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By Ben Pulman

Ex-CAR editor-at-large