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Audi Sport Performance Parts serve up hot wings and hotter springs

Published: 11 July 2017

► Audi Sport Performance Parts
► Available for TT and R8
► Wings, springs and lighter things

Is your Audi R8 or TT coupe just a bit too subtle? Audi Sport is happy to make it a little bit racier thanks to its new set of performance parts, available as retrofit options for your hot coupe.

Audi says the parts are designed to take advantage of its racing experience, with Audi Sport boss Stephan Winklemann saying that racing is ‘still the best test bed for volume production.’

There are aero bodykit packs available for both cars that have more fins in them than a Helsinki coffee shop. They add a bit of extra badassery to the overall design and are genuinely useful from an aerodynamic point of view. An R8 going at its top speed of 205mph with the Performance bodykit on produces 250kg more downforce than a regular one. Even at 93mph, downforce is doubled.

Audi R8 Performance Parts rear

Inside, the steering wheel can be trimmed in Alcantara and features a red 12 o’clock marking and the shift paddles are available in carbon fibre.

If you want your TT to be a touch lighter and far less practical, Audi will supply a carbon fibre strut brace that shaves 20kg off the weight and removes the rear seats in the process.

Audi TT Performance Parts strut brace

It’s not all superficial, though; an Akrapovic exhaust will ensure your TT or R8 will deafen people in villages several miles away and black lightweight 20-inch milled wheels save up to 8kg unsprung weight. Two- or three-way coilover springs are available, too.

The parts will be only available in Germany first, but Audi promises that the parts will become more widely available as times goes on.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches