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Jaguar X-type refreshed for 2007

Published: 12 October 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

Jaguar X-type for 2008: the lowdown

Jaguar has finally given the X-type a facelift, but the 500 changes try their hardest to escape your attention. On paper at least. It’s small wonder that we did a double take when we scooped the new X earlier this year; some said we’d just caught the current car on test, but it turns out we were right. Is it enough to improve the baby Jag’s sales performance? Jaguar sold just 32,500 last year worldwide – compared with half a million 3-series models flogged by BMW. Or is it too little, too late? Click ‘Next’ to read the full story.

So what is new on the X-type?

The visual changes are, ahem, subtle to say the least. There’s a new mesh grille with Jag’s growler badge, revised bumpers front and rear, new sills, and the addition of the brand’s chrome signature blade across the bootlid. Oh, and the door mirrors are new, now incorporating turn indicator repeaters and new paint colours are available. Of rather more importance are the mechanical changes. Click ‘Next’ to read all about them.

What’s the new engine spec then?

For the first time, you can now order the X-type’s best engine – the 2.2 diesel – with an auto transmission option. The six-speeder includes Jaguar Sequential Shift, a manual over-ride allowing one-nudge gearchanges. The new auto is a second slower to 60mph than the manual (9.5sec), 5mph slower (129mph) and, unfortunately for a CO2 obsessed world, it’s considerably dirtier (at 184g/km compared with the manual’s impressive 159g/km). But knowing the 2.2’s relaxed demeanour, an auto option should work well.

What’s new inside?

The dials and door trims are new, while the air vents, steering wheel spokes and centre console are treated to – wait for it – a new chrome finish. Those seats have been reupholstered, while wood lovers can spec a new Rosewood veneer. Is it enough to make the X-type feel special inside? We haven’t sat in the new model yet, so we’ll have to reserve final judgment. But the X-type always felt a bit low-rent inside, and these visual tidy-ups should lift the compact exec’s cabin a peg or two. Especially when trimmed with this top-spec leather option. All the usual goodies are present and correct: new and improved Bluetooth connectivity, a DAB digital radio pack, revised parking aids and new, plusher soft-grain leather options.

So when can I get hold of the oh-so-different X-type?

Both bodystyles get the new look, but the new X doesn’t arrive at dealerships until March 2008. Prices start at £21,500 for the entry 2.0-litre diesel saloon – that’s unchanged from today – rising to £22,500 for the new 2.2 litre diesel auto (£23,900 for the estate, above). Will this mild facelift be enough to save Jaguar’s slow-selling exec? We somehow doubt it. The X-type has always been a sharp drive, but it’s been hampered by its traditional looks, cramped interior and nagging suspicion that it has too much Ford Mondeo DNA. It’s small wonder there’s no X-type successor currently planned – but that could all change when Ford announces who it’s selling Jaguar to this autumn. The latest word is that a deal should be announced in November. CAR Online will bring you all the latest sell-off news as it breaks.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words