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Kia Sportspace (2015) revealed: it’s a new Optima estate!

Published: 17 February 2015 Updated: 17 February 2015

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► Does this foreshadow an Optima estate?
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Kia will showcase its new Sportspace at the 2015 Geneva motor show – a sneak peek at what is likely to become the Optima estate, we reckon.

The Sportspace is a concept car for now, and Kia says its raison d’être is ‘long-distance driving with maximum comfort and minimal stress.’

A proper cruising wagon, then…

What is it with these Sporty, Spacey names for estates?

Good point. Jaguar’s Sportbrake and F-Pace, Audi’s Sportbacks… manufacturers love a good compound noun and the new Kia’s Sportspace name ticks all the boxes for the marketing people responsible for sexing up practical family boxes.

Not that the Sportspace concept car is boxy. These first official pictures reveal a sleek, l-o-n-g shooting brake-style estate. In fact, it looks a bit like a stretched Ford Mondeo wagon in side profile.

Kia says it was designed at its European design centre in Frankfurt, under the direction of its chief Euro designer Gregory Guillaume. It’s the same car that was teased a few weeks ago here.

Will Kia build the Sportspace?

No official word yet, but does this look like a flight of fancy to you? Nope, doesn’t to us, either…

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words