Wildly redesigned Kia Niro launches in 2022

Published: 25 November 2021

► New Kia Niro arrives next year
► Sharp new look inside and out
► Still available as hybrid, PHEV or EV

Kia's eco-friendly Niro crossover has had a thorough going over, with the brand giving it a sharp design and much plusher interior. It also introduces some new bits of tech, and still gives you a choice of electrified powertrain.

You're not kidding – this looks wild!

Especially compared to the previous one. Kia says the Niro's new design has been heavily inspired by the Habaniro concept from 2019, with plenty of blocky details and two-tone paint options. The front end has a proper cyberpunk look, with headlights low and to the side of the grille. At the rear, the Niro has long but tall, stretching taillights – and this is where the two-tone paint comes in, splitting the C-pillar completely.

kia niro interior

Inside, Kia's lifted the interior from the EV6 into the new Niro, with an off-centre dashboard arrangement, a pair of widescreen displays in one flush panel and a two-spoke steering wheel. Kia says the cockpit is full of recycled materials, including the headlining, and the seats are upholstered in 'Bio PU' – a more environmentally friendly polyurethane – and Tencel, which is a cellulose fibre.

Any powertrain tech?

kia niro twins

Well, specs aren't known yet but Kia has confirmed that the Niro will remain as a hybrid, PHEV and battery-electric car. Kia also says it's introducing something called the 'Greenzone Drive Mode' for the PHEV, which automatically switches the car to EV mode in certain locations, a bit like BMW's eDrive Zones.

When can I have one?

Kia's not announced prices yet, but the new Niro crossover will be available to order in 2022.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches