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Mazda Takeri concept (2011) first official pictures

Published: 25 October 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

Mazda today unveiled its Takeri concept car ahead of its global debut at November’s 2011 Tokyo motor show.

The swooping mid-sized saloon is the latest recipient of the Japanese marque’s Kodo design language and drops a very heavy hint about the styling of the next Mazda 6 range, expected in 2012.

What do we know about the new Mazda Takeri?

Details so far are scant but the images show the Mazda Takeri to be a pretty three-box saloon with voluptuous curves augmenting its bodywork. The nose bears a slight resemblance to recent Mercedes concept and production models, but that aside, it’s a distinctive design that has the potential to shake up the fleet market.

Big wheels, trick door handles and other minor styling details aside, the Takeri doesn’t look too far off being production ready, but the interior retains more of the traditional show car glitz. Expect that to be toned down before it reaches showrooms.

Mazda Takeri: blue SkyActiv thinking?

The Takeri also majors on Mazda’s much-vaunted SkyActiv Technology, which aims to reduce fuel consumption by a series of advancements in powertrain, chassis and body technology.

Earlier in 2011 Mazda revealed its SkyActiv programme could reduce body-in-white weight by 8% yet be a remarkable 30% stiffer than its previous chassis design. 

The concept is fitted with the SkyActiv-D engine which debuted in the small Mazda CX-5 crossover, featuring a lower than usual compression ratio of 14:1 in a bid to slash NOx emissions.

Additionally, the Takeri also introduces Mazda’s regenerative braking system that harvests electrical energy in capacitors in order to power its electrical equipment and reduce demands on the engine. In conjunction with the integrated stop-start system, fuel consumption is decreased and performance boosted.

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By Keith WR Jones

Former managing editor of the Bauer Automotive hub and car brochure library owner