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Mazda 6 (2012) revealed in teaser images

Published: 25 July 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Mazda has released shadowy teaser images of its new 6 saloon, in anticipation of its world premiere at the Moscow motor show, running from 29 August – 9 September 2012.

The car’s nose is very similar to the Takeri concept of 2011, continuing the new Mazda family face first seen in production trim on the new Mazda CX-5 crossover.

The new 2012 Mazda 6: all the details

Like the CX-5, the new Mazda 6 will benefit from Mazda’s ‘SkyActiv’ technology. SkyActiv brings a lightweight modular architecture and a range of cleaner petrol and diesel engines – which Mazda claims are nearly as frugal as hybrids without a bulky EV battery in sight. The Takeri’s 2.2 turbodiesel spat out 173bhp and 310lb ft, yet Mazda claimed just 104g/km of CO2.
Such cleanliness should be achievable on the new 6 in road trim, since it’ll sport SkyActiv staples such as stop/start, low-friction components and regenerative braking.

Dubbed i-ELOOP, this braking system harnesses energy when you dab the brakes and stores it in a capacitor to run the car’s electric systems. This saves battery drain and is claimed to stretch combined fuel economy by up to 10%.

Two bodystyles for the 2012 Mazda 6

Two bodystyles will again be offered – a four-door saloon or an estate/tourer – and we’d predict prices to kick off at around £20,000 for the base models. Mazda needs to keep prices and emissions low to continue the 6’s strong fleet sales record.
Why no hatchback? Because Mazda polled the product ranges from premium car makers and saw that five-doors are deemed more mainstream, and who wants to be mainstream when you can aim for ‘premium’? So four-door it is for the new 6, albeit with a coupe-like rakishness.

Tellingly, the worldwide reveal is taking place at the Moscow motor show. Alongside China, Russia is growing fast as a new car market consumer, and with the crisis in Europe ongoing, manufacturers are keen to capitalise on this greater demand in new markets.

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish