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New Mazda MX-5 concept confirmed for world debut this month

Published: 11 October 2023 Updated: 11 October 2023

► New Mazda MX-5 incoming
► Refresh of Mk4 – and a new concept
► See them all at Tokyo show this month

An important new Mazda MX-5 concept has been confirmed for this month’s Japan Mobility Show, the successor to what used to be called the Tokyo motor show.

Mazda is remaining tightlipped about the details but has issued this shadowy teaser photograph of the next roadster, to be shown in concept car guise. It shows a new development of the trad roadster roundel taillights and an illuminated Mazda badge.

The rumour mill suggests this is an electric Mazda MX-5 design study, but the powertrain has yet to be confirmed.

Electric Mazda MX-5: on the drawing board

The whole stand in Tokyo is dedicated to the MX-5, Hiroshima has confirmed. ‘Focusing on the MX-5 – Mazda’s brand icon Roadster – the theme of the Mazda stand, “The Future Created by the Love of Cars,” is designed to show the company’s continued commitment to the creation of products that satisfy customers‘ love of driving and cars.’

This is welcome news at a show expected to major heavily on mobility solutions and tomorrow’s world. Insiders have revealed to CAR that an electric powertrain is the obvious next step to keep the world’s best-selling roadster alive in a carbon-crunched zeitgeist.

Upgraded fourth-generation MX-5 too

Mazda has also confirmed an ‘upgrade’ to the current MX-5, although no details are provided yet. It will be shown alongside a 1989 original Mk1 and an MX-5 SeDV that can be driven by disabled people using only their hands.

30th Anniversary MX-5

The MX-5 (current model, above) has now gone on to sell comfortably over a million copies globally since launch 34 years ago. It’s encouraging news that the company continues to develop it.

Stay tuned for more news on the new Mazda MX-5. We’ll be updating this page in the run-up to the Japan Mobility Show.

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By Curtis Moldrich

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