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2023 Japan Mobility Show: your A-Z round-up from Tokyo

Published: 25 October 2023 Updated: 25 October 2023

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The Tokyo motor show has been rebranded the Japan Mobility Show – a reflection of how traditional auto shows are having to adapt to a changing landscape. In this preview guide we round up the key cars and highlights, with world debuts from Honda to BMW, Suzuki to Nissan.

The show opens to the world’s media on 25-26 October 2023, with public days scheduled from 28 October – 5 November. Read on for a summary of all the important debuts at this autumn’s flagship Japanese auto show.

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Japanese Mobility Show 2023: the car show formerly known as the Tokyo motor show

Every new car at the 2023 Tokyo motor show: an A-Z preview guide

iX2: A new, all-electric version of the X2 makes its debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show – with a 266-mile range and 0-62mph in 5.6sec

X2: Heavy overhaul for the sportier small SUV from Munich – and there’s a potent M35i version at Tokyo, too

Vision Copen: Headline news on the Daihatsu is our first look at the new Copen folding hard-top roadster. No longer a K-car, the concept has grown to 3835mm long and the engine swells to a 1.3

The Daihatsu Me:MO

Me-Mo (above): A miniature sub-3m tallboy, with battery electric powertrain and sustainable, interchangeable body panels

Osanpo (below): An electric roadster on tiptoes, fusing miniature SUV stance, soapbar rounded aesthetics and something of a Citroen C3 Pluriel vibe to it

Daihatsu OSANPO

Uniform Cargo: A teeny city van that’s just 3395mm long. Utilitarian design and a simple EV powertrain gets its Japan Mobility Show debut

Specialty Sports Concept
: Rejoice! A new electric sports car concept, channeling the spirit of NSX – claimed to be carbon neutral and to pack the latest autonomous skillset

Sustaina-C Concept (car pictured in top gallery): An all-electric supermini made of recycled acrylic resin. Son of Honda E?

Honda CI-MEV at the 2023 Japanese Mobility Show

CI-MEV (above): A two-seater EV for last-mile journeys around town, powered by AI to apportion fairest social usage. It’s fully autonomous, obvs

SC e Concept: An electric motorcycle with a swap-out battery, meaning that riders can keep going around town in minutes, without having to stop to charge

Honda Pocket Concept: one of the stars of the Honda stand at the Japanese Mobility Show 2023

Pocket Concept (above): Another world debut on the Honda Dream Loop stand: a foldable last-mile electric scooter

Lexus concept

Toyota’s premium brand will be revealing multiple concepts at the upcoming Tokyo motor show. Lexus says its stand will focus around the theme of: ‘Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience.’

LF-ZC (below): Lexus has revealed an all-electric saloon that previews a production car coming in 2026. Inside, it combines the brand’s steer-by-wire tech with a new Arene OS. Outside it moves Lexus’ spindle-focused design on, but maintains a sporty, premium look.

MX-5 (below): Landmark new concept confirmed for Japan Mobility Show – with rumours there’ll be a next-gen electric roadster on the stand. Expect also an upgrade to the current Mk4

Mazda MX-5 concept bound for 2023 Japan Mobility Show

Iconic SP (below): New electric roadster that previews the future of the Mazda sports car. It’s not just any EV, though – there’s a mid-mounted rotary REX that could be powered with hydrogen…

Iconic SP concept

Hyper Urban Concept (below)
: A butterfly-doored crossover aimed at ‘urban- and suburban-based professionals who prioritise environmental sustainability’

Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept at the 2023 Tokyo car show, the Japanese Mobility Show

Hyper Adventure Concept (below): Another Nissan crossover at the Japan Mobility Show, this time aimed at ‘people passionate about outdoor adventures and and eco-friendly lifestyle’

Nissan Hyper Adventure

Hyper Force Concept (below): It’s another EV, but this one’s not a crossover – or even a compact SUV. The Hyper Force concept is our best look yet at what the GT-R might look like after ICE power.

Swift Concept
(below): A rather leaden-looking update for the brand’s perennial supermini

The 2023 Suzuki Swift at the Japanese Mobility Show

eVX: what the brand calls its ‘first global strategic EV’ with all-wheel drive and a claimed 310-mile range

Japan’s biggest car maker has confirmed its attendance at the Japan Mobility Show, and has stated its theme this year will be: ‘Let’s change the future of cars – find your future.’ Its actual offering consists of two electric concept models; the FT-3e and the FT-Se.

FT-3e: a practical electric SUV concept, that moves along the styling of the bz4X, and hopefully its tech and efficiency, too. It’ll focus on personalised services and will almost certainly also include V2X tech.

FT-Se: there’s not much to see yet, but the FT-Se (above) promises to be a sport concept that should tug at the heartstrings of customers thanks to stunning design, intuitive tech and ride customisation. There’s just a teaser to look at for now, but it looks to be wide, low and full of interesting aerodynamics. It looks a mixture of 911 and GR, and also has input from the Toyota’s Gazoo Racing arm – which is a good thing.

This list will swell over the next few weeks – we’ll be adding new cars to our Tokyo motor show guide regularly, so come back for more updates soon.

Practical information about the Japanese Mobility Show 2023

Where is the Tokyo auto show held?  Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Centre, 3 Chome-11-1 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo 135 0063, Japan
When is the Tokyo motor show?  28 October – 5 November 2023
Opening times: 10.00am-7.00pm every day
How much are Tokyo motor show 2023 tickets?  Adults from 2700 yen (advance purchase) or 3000 yen (on the day) for a general access public day ticket
Tokyo auto show official website: https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/en/

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