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Nissan Hyper Urban Concept: an electric SUV from the future

Published: 03 October 2023 Updated: 03 October 2023

► Nissan Hyper Urban Concept
► Revealed digitally before Tokyo show
► Could be one of 19 EVs to be released by 2030

This is the Nissan Hyper Urban Concept, the company’s latest vision of a family-orientated, electric car. Revealed digitally ahead of the Tokyo mobility show later this month, Nissan says the new concept is aimed at ‘urban- and suburban-based professionals who prioritise environmental sustainability.’

It looks like a concept

The pictures released show a car that’s SUV-shaped but has all the hallmarks of a concept car. Nissan designers have sculpted an array of angular surfaces which all work to make the car a blend of sporty and dynamic, and those same surfaces mean the car’s appearance can drastically change depending on the light. Wide tyres also make the car look sporty, while introducing a more robust look.

As you’d expect from a concept, the Hyper Urban also features scissors doors front and rear, helping to create a more open interior. Nissan says its designers were inspired by urban living spaces, and that translates to foldable front seats (when driving autonomously) and customizable displays. The result? A space that aims to be relaxing and engaging when needed. 

What else? 

The Hyper Urban Concept is equipped with V2H functionality, as Nissan looks to interweave the EV with the home to an even greater degree. By acting as a spare battery for the house – in the same way as home batteries like the Tesla Powerwall – the Hyper Urban Concept could reduce in energy costs, whilst also reducing strain on the grid. The EV would also have an Intelligent Charging Management System, which wouldl use artificial intelligence to efficiently manage the power across both buildings and cars. 

Alongside power management, sustainability will also be key for family cars of the future – so the Hyper Urban Concept incorporates ‘lifespan extension’ ideas too. For example, hardware and software updates would be provided throughout the car’s life, while Nissan also envisages instrument panels that can be easily replaced and upgraded – ensuring the car remains cutting-edge years after its release. 

Will it go to production? 

Earlier this year, President and CEO Makoto Uchida confirmed Nissan’s plan to release 19 electric cars models by 2030. Uchida also revealed that every new model from now on will be an electric vehicle. 

With that in mind, the car shown here could well make it into production in some form. Squint a bit, and the Hyper Urban concept looks like a mid-sized electric SUV that could slot below the Qashqai. Forget about the scissor doors and wacky interior, and you have the silhouette of another high-volume family car. 

We’ll update this article once we see the car in the metal, at the Tokyo mobility show. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes