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Mercedes A45 AMG performance specs leak: 415bhp S model on the way

Published: 02 January 2019

► New flagship hot-hatch teased
► Over 400bhp on the cars
► Two models could be revealed

Mercedes gave us a quick look at the forthcoming A45 A-class over Christmas with a glossy new video, but now specs of the new hot-hatch have been released – and it looks as though it’s happened by mistake. As spotted by Motor1, German insurance site HUK24 has accidentally revealed performance specs of not one but two A45 models, and one of them is set to have over 400bhp.

Interestingly, this new leak suggest there’ll two versions of the A45; a 415bhp S flagship, and a more tame 382bhp model. With a total of three versions of hot A-class – including the A35  – set to launch this year, AMG is offering more choice to consumers, but also leaves a clear path for its most extreme hatch yet.

To put these figures in some perspective, a Honda Civic Type R puts out a mere 316bhp from its 4-cylinder turbo, while the outgoing Focus RS puts out 345bhp. Both of those cars will get a power increase next time around, but the A45 looks like another leap in the power stakes, and could blur the line between supercars and hot-hatches even more. It'll use hybrid power to do that, of course. 

Mercedes AMG A45: what we know

Mercedes has offered an early Christmas present to hot-hatch fans with a new teaser trailer for its forthcoming fire-breathing AMG A45. In the festive-orientated video, we see a camo’d up A45 with large wheel arches, a rear spoiler and four exhausts – all which help mark it from its smaller 302bhp A35 sibling.

Okay, but how fast will it be?

The old A45 put out 376bhp, but the presence of a warmer A35 now means we expect AMG can go all out to make the fastest hatch possible with the A-class’ architecture. After all, the A35 now offers an almost sensible choice, so there's no reason to not go bonkers with the A45.

With that in mind, expect the A45 to put out something like 400bhp this time around, probably with the help of a twin-scroll turbo like the A35– but now also with AMG’s EQ Boost technology. That’s right, in order to tie in with the brand’s F1 success, we expect to see hybrid technology appearing on Affalterbach's ultimate hatch. That should also mean a sub 4.0 second 0-62mph time, as well. 

Aside from the engine, it’s likely the A45 will use the same transmission as the A35 – although the effortless drifting in the teaser trailer also suggests the new A45 will have a Ford Focus RS style drift mode. It’s practically steering like a supermarket trolley around some of those cones!

We’ll update this story when we know more about the new Mercedes AMG A45. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast