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Mercedes Vision AMG concept reveals electric performance future

Published: 19 May 2022 Updated: 20 May 2022
  • Vision AMG heralds future all-electric cars
  • Aero design influenced by EQXX prototype
  • New three-pointed star light signature and clean lines

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the future of how its AMG cars will look with this: the Vision AMG. It’s a super-sleek design preview penned by Gorden Wagener, and it might look a little familiar…

Isn’t this the EQXX?

No. CAR’s seen both up close and despite the Vision AMG having a similarly swoopy profile as the EQXX prototype – reminiscent of a long-tailed four-door 911 in a good way – the latter concept has some key differences.

Chief among those are, at its longer nose, triple-bar headlamps arranged into twin three-pointed stars to be on-brand, hopefully sufficient to illuminate the road ahead and possibly an indication of a future electric AMG light signature. There are no lower air intakes below, just LED strips – to echo the Pan Americana-style vertical grille on Mercedes and AMG’s current sportier cars – and the Vision AMG’s wheels reference those on the Mercedes F1 car to denote its high-performance connections.

It’s very silver-y…

Mercedes is strongly associated with that colour as far back as its 1930s Silver Arrow racers and the Vision AMG references some of that aero-influenced aesthetic via smoothly-shaped sides which are fully silver-coloured, via a dot matrix-style wrap up and over the side and rear windows.

At its exclusive global unveil on the Côte d’Azur in the south of France, chief design officer Gorden Wagener admitted that this covering was partly there to help conceal some design secrets (including perhaps that the concept has no interior). Still, the shutlines show the Vision AMG to be a four-doorcoupélike the EQXX,and its real importance is to herald a new dedicated electric platform for the performance-oriented Mercedes-AMG brand.    

Tell me more about this new electric platform then

It’s called AMG.EA architecture and is dedicated to future fully-electric AMG models. Mercedes says all of the Vision AMG’s drivetrain components were developed entirely from scratch: not only the platform, but also the high-performance high-voltage battery and a drive technology that the brand is calling ‘revolutionary’.

An axial flux motor has been developed by Mercedes’ wholly-owned subsidiary YASA and Mercedes says its compact and lightweight design will deliver substantially more power than conventional electric motors.     

When will the first AMG utilising this new EV platform go on sale?

AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer says 2025, which seems fair given Mercedes’ already stated decision to be fully electric by 2030 – ‘wherever market conditions allow’. Design chief Wagener also declared at the unveil that the concept ‘stands for the whole brand, not just for one car’. Don’t expect four big exhaust pipes at the back anymore though. For the future AMG EV era you get six lower tail lights instead. Changing times indeed.

By Guy Bird

Contributor, cultural curator, design commentator