Subaru Forester gets a tweak or two for 2016

Published: 30 March 2016

► Updated grille and headlights for 2016
► Steering-aimed LED headlamps
► More sound proofing, retuned steering

Subaru’s boxy boxer-engined Forester SUV has been given a minor brush-up for 2016. That includes a few (very) subtle tweakettes to the exterior and interior, along with some hidden changes under the surface.

Just to check, then – what’s actually changed?

Starting on the outside: the grille gets new, slightly different chrome blades sprouting from the badge in the centre, and the front bumper’s gained a touch more chrome too.

The headlight units now have a more modern-looking black finish inside, and have gained a new steering-responsive system where selected LED lamps now swivel with the steering to help illuminate unlit roads. The tail-lights have new LED lamps, too.

Inside, a few of the Forester’s heavy-duty plastics have been swapped for soft-touch surfaces – no bad thing – and there’s more gloss black and metallic trim, plus a few new seat upholstery options, including an optional brown leather finish.

What about the bits you can’t see?

Headline changes are a slightly different suspension tuning, with smoother ride quality the aim, and a faster steering ratio (altered from 15.5:1 to 14.0:1) for keener response.

There’s a whole lot of extra soundproofing too, with thicker glass for the door windows and front quarter lights along with new seals to dampen down wind noise. There’s extra soundproofing material around the dashboard too, at the base of the windscreen and front passenger footwell, to help mask engine noise.

Hasn’t the Forester just been updated anyway?

The Subaru Forester was given a minor overhaul for the 2015 model year, including a new 7in touchscreen multimedia system.

You can read CAR’s online review of the 2015 Subaru Forester here.

When does the 2016 Subaru Forester go on sale in the UK?

April 2016, with prices unchanged from before. The range starts from £25,495 for the 2.0-litre petrol Forester in base XE trim, topping out at £30,995 for the flagship turbo model.

All models get all-wheel drive and 2.0-litre boxer engines. The engine range is unchanged, comprising a 148bhp naturally aspirated petrol, a 238bhp turbocharged petrol and a 145bhp turbodiesel. 

By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer