Fun activities to do during lockdown

Published: 23 April 2020

► Best indoor activites to do during lockdown
► Tested by the team to get you through the days
► Ranging from driving games, books and Netflix shows

We've all done our fair share of staying at home during the lockdown by now, and if you're reading this, you're probably looking for something to do that'll be of interest.

We've rounded up our fun-related guides to keep you occupied during the Coronavirus pandemic, whether they're new to you or something that you've yet to revisit.

The CAR magazine team remotely got together and came up with this list of the best car-centric activities, ranging from reading books, Lego building and shows you can watch on Netflix.

UK car sales collapse 97% in coronavirus pandemic

Try these racing games on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Grid: Best racing game to play during lockdown?

You're spoilt for choice if you're a gamer, so it's worth checking what we've found to be our best racing games, covering PC, Xbox One and PS4. They range from arcade to sim levels of difficulty and we rank what they're best for, depending on what suits you. They all look great in 4k and HDR and we've sampled them on both a controller and wheel too. 

Best racing games

Combine them with a racing wheel

Best gaming wheels to get through lockdown

If you're in this for the long haul, you'll most likely end up with sore thumbs from using that controller. Get the rest of the body involved with these best racing wheels. 

Best racing wheels for gamers

Watch these car shows on Netflix

Best car shows to watch on Netflix during lockdown

We may have a lot of spare time on our hands, but there's nothing worse than sifting through Netflix and failing to decide on what to watch. Let us help you out and get you steering towards these shows. 

Best car shows to watch on Netflix

What if I've had a power cut, or I simply don't fancy looking at a screen?

Try these colouring pages

Car colouring pages to get through lockdown

 We've sifted through manufacturers' social feeds and found which brands are offering the chance to design the dream version of our car. We say it's 'for kids', but it's not a strict rule. Some of these allow you to get the scissors and glue out as well... 

Car colouring pages

Have a read of the best motoring books

The best motoring books to read during lockdown

Most books are of niche interest at best and never leave the shelf, but look in the right places and there are some real gems lurking. We've included a range of reads, which should appeal to those looking back on history, or those forward thinkers who want to plan their next road trip. There's even a guide on the techniques of automotive detailing, which might inspire you to get outside and try them - if you haven't done so already... Best books

Revisit Scalextric

Best Scalextric sets to get through lockdown

Remember these? The basic formula lives on, but these now pack in some serious tech – giving you everything from brakes, to the ability to change lanes and even record laptimes.

We tried to avoid being trigger happy, but we kept the cars on track for at least five minutes before losing one under the sofa. Can you do better than us?

Best Scalextric sets

Build the best car Lego sets

Best car Lego sets to get through lockdown

Quite a few of us will take the opportunity to tinker with our cars while they're off the road and not being used. Some of us, however, are less mechanically-minded, so we'll stick with building something that can't go too badly wrong. And if it does, it'll be far less costly to fix.

We've included a selection of kits from all price ranges, from miniature Speed Champions to the featured-filled Creator and Technic sets.

Best Lego sets

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By Lawrence Cheung

Bauer Automotive's senior staff writer; hot hatch hoarder, road trip hunter