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Jaguar Mk2 by Ian Callum: now in production

Published: 12 February 2015 Updated: 05 March 2015

► Ian Callum’s vision of the Mk2
► Now in low-volume production
► Run of 12 being built in Shropshire

Remember that striking Jaguar Mk2 recreation, as tailored by the company’s own design director Ian Callum in his spare time? Well, they’ve put it into low-volume production.

We reported in summer 2014 how Callum had personally commissioned the Mk2 reworking at the hands of Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth (CMC).

Interest was such that a limited production run was sanctioned – and the company today confirmed that build of the second car was underway.

Ian Callum’s Jag Mk2: the first batch

The company has committed to building a dozen Mk2s, and this second car is bound for a trip Stateside when it’s complete in 2016.

CMC managing director Nick Goldthorp said: ‘The second Mark 2 by Callum is in production. It is going to be a left-hand drive car and the body is nearing completion. We should finish the vehicle by the end of this year.’

Callum’s involvement

Despite his day job running Jaguar’s design studio, Callum has committed to spending time with all 11 customers to finalise their individual spec. It is unlikely that any two Mk2 recreations will be alike.

‘No two cars will be the same,’ said Goldthorp. ‘It is all in the small details that can be tailored, including the gearbox, exterior and interior colours. Each Mark 2 can be built as a right- or left-hand drive car with automatic or manual transmission and can be additionally fitted with power steering, air-conditioning, electric windows and different types of wood veneer.’

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words