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Rolls-Royce launches new Bespoke programme at Geneva 2019

Published: 05 March 2019 Updated: 05 March 2019

► Rolls-Royce reveals full Bespoke programme at Geneva
► Taking personalisation to its conclusion – at a cost
► The company had its best sales year – ever – in 2018

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars used Geneva 2019 to pull the covers off its new range of Bespoke – a near-infinite combinations of trim, colour and material options that will tailor any Rolls-Royce into exactly what the buyer wants. The company also confirmed that its Black Badge models can also be customised as part of the Bespoke programme.

Rolls-Royce’s boss also used the show to confirm that the company had its best year ever in 2018, with its highest recorded sales and 200 new jobs confirmed at the company’s HQ in Goodwood.

Tell us about the Bespoke models

The first Bespoke Cullinan was unveiled at Geneva. It’s called – unimaginatively – the Geneve 2019. It’s a trim and paint upgrade that majors on an interesting theme. In this case, the exterior recalls the khaki shades worn by explorers, while inside, Navy Blue and Oatmeal are the colours of choice.

Rolls-Royce launches Bespoke programme at Geneva 2019 - Cullinan Geneve 2019 rear view

In the back, you get stainless steel cocktail and seasoning services, alongside some terribly tasteful glassware and American Walnut serving boards. You can mix drinks in RR-monogrammed highball crystal glasses to go with the luxury picnic set that’s integral to this car.

Rolls-Royce launches Bespoke programme at Geneva 2019 - Cullinan Geneve 2019 VIewing Suite

Your butler will also be able to make use of a hidden compartment that contains napkins, paring knives, and stainless steel drinking straws. Finally, there are two boot-mounted rear seats which RR calls the Viewing Suite.

Phantom and Dawn also given the works

Topping the saloon range is the Phantom, and the limited edition Bespoke version of this is known as the Tranquillity. Just 25 will be built, and features include an interior design inspired by elements of the British Skylark space rocket.

Rolls-Royce launches Bespoke programme at Geneva 2019 - Phantom Tranquility front view

In a nutshell, there are shadow patterns fashioned in the highly-reflective stainless steel inserts, and these are complemented by 24-carat gold plating and space grade aluminium.

There are genuine slivers of the Muonionalusta meteorite, which fell to earth in Kiruna, Sweden in 1906 – which makes the extensive use of gold on the interior controls seem ever-so ordinary. The interior is a work of art with liberal use of black gloss finish that’s highlighted with stainless steel Pinstripes.

The space theme continues with yellow gold speaker grilles, which Rolls-Royce says is inspired by the two gold records containing sounds and images that went with the Voyager exploration probe in the late-1970s. Quite.

Rolls-Royce launches Bespoke programme at Geneva 2019 - Dawn Geneve 2019 front view

It’s largely the same story with the Geneve 2019 Dawn model, which majors on paint that’s lacquered with glass particles to allow the car to shimmer under the show lights.

How much and when?

You know the drill – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

But an RR spokesperson whispered on stand that more customers than ever are demanding personalisation – and all but the most over-the-top requests can be accommodated.

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By Keith Adams

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