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Rolls launches first used-car scheme

Published: 17 July 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

Want to save £75,000 on a Rolls-Royce? The company has just launched its first approved used-car scheme at its six UK dealers, called the Rolls-Royce Provenance programme.

It’s basically a carbon copy of mainstream approved used schemes, and cars have to meet such stringent standards that Rolls claims selected cars are ‘virtually faultless’. Pre-owned cars under four years old come with a 24-month warranty, plus there’s 24-hour roadside assistance for peace of mind. The majority of models available in the Provenance scheme are BMW-era Phantoms, although there is currently one Silver Shadow for sale. Best deal we spotted? An early 2003 Phantom with 21,000 miles in Silver Sand at Rolls-Royce London for £179,950, down from a new list price of £255,096. Just goes to show that even the most expensive cars depreciate fast these days. Mind you, the main dealer experience will inevitably be more expensive than shopping independently. We found a similar 2003 Phantom with 30,000 miles for sale in the classifieds for £149,950. As ever, shop around for the best deals…