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New Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition buffs up - a little - at 2017 New York show

Published: 11 April 2017

 New Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition
 Modest scrub-up for evergreen Z
 Another NYIAS 2017 world debut

A modest tidy-up for the soon-to-be-50 Nissan Z car landed at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS): this new Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition.

There’s not a huge amount to write home about this mainly cosmetic makeover – special brownie points if you’ve spotted even half of what Nissan has changed on its evergreen Z sports car:

  • Chicane Yellow or Magnetic Black paint with contrasting mirrors and details
  • Yellow interior trim
  • Custom graphics
  • High-performance Exedy clutch
  • Choice of six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmissions

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So not a lot has changed then?

From an engineering perspective, not really. It’s based on the base 370Z and the regular 332bhp 3.7 V6 still drives the rear wheels, although the beefed-up clutch should stand up to abuse at standing starts and track days better than the regular driveline.

New Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition at the 2017 New York auto show

Look closely and you might just spot the new headlamps and rear light design, smoked door handles and rear fascia panel. It’s still every inch recognisably a 370Z, make no mistake.

Why are they calling it the 370Z Heritage Edition then?

Because it’s nearly 50 years since the Z car was launched under the Datsun brand. That golden anniversary is due later this decade – we do hope they mark the big birthday with something a little more spectacular than this…

Yellow steering wheel! Inside cabin of new Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition

The bright 370Z goes on sale in the US in spring 2017, but there are no plans to introduce this particular edition in the UK. 

See it at the New York auto show, which is open from 14-23 April 2017 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in downtown New York.

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words