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Hyundai reveals wild Santa Fe concept car for SEMA

Published: 05 October 2017

► Extreme off-road Santa Fe
► Mad Hyundai shown at SEMA 2017
► What’s it all about?

Ahead of its debut at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Hyundai has revealed a few details of what it’ll be showing – and it’s a bonkers version of the Santa Fe.

What’s it called?

We’re not sure we can say this in one breath, but here goes… It’s the Rockstar Energy Moab Extreme Off-roader Santa Fe Sport Concept. We’re not sure if that’s going to be sprawled across the bootlid or not, but it hardly rolls off the tongue. It WILL roll off the side of the car if they do put it all on the badge, though.

What we can denote from the name, and what Rockstar Energy tells us, is that it was conceived to “withstand the extraordinary demands of Moab off-road terrain.” That means you can expect it to be crawling up rocky outcrops and tackling extreme off-roading in the Utah desert, if a production version ever sees the light of day.

What’s different to a regular Santa Fe?

Quite a few changes have been made beneath the surface to make it just a little bit more capable away from the tarmac compared with the regular car.

Significant upgrades have been made with coilover suspension and six-piston brakes, as well as the addition of huge off-road tyres, a serious set of HID projector headlights, skid plates and an all-important winch for those stickier situations.

What about inside?

We haven’t seen inside this beast yet, but according to the specs, there’s an upgraded sound system, a custom leather interior and a selection of “lifestyle accessories.”

We’ll confirm what these are when we see the physical car in Vegas. 

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By Tom Goodlad

Bauer Automotive's former continuity editor and CAR contributor