Happy Christmas to all CAR magazine readers! | CAR Magazine

Happy Christmas to all CAR magazine readers!

Published: 24 December 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Here’s wishing all CAR magazine and online readers a very happy Christmas. Thanks for your support in 2012 – we’re grateful for your contributions and posts, insightful letters and forum blogs over the past year.

CAR Online will continue to operate over the Christmas period, so come back daily for more motoring news, reviews, blogs and scoops over the next week.

Your Christmas dose of CAR magazine

If you need more high-octane entertainment over the Christmas holiday, don’t forget to buy the new January 2013 issue of CAR magazine out now. Click here for a free digital preview.

And if you’re getting an iPad this Christmas, don’t forget you can buy the latest issue at the very special discounted price of just 69p for a limited time. Until 4 January 2013, we’ve slashed our usual price of £3.99 to get onto as many of those shiny new iPads as possible over the Christmas season. Click here for more details on the CAR magazine app.

Happy Christmas!

It only remains for us to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Stay tuned for another busy motoring year in 2013!